Taking the Next Step: Student Jobs

How Having a Student Job Can Advance Your Future

College students already have a lot on their plates. Between classes, adjusting to independent life, social time and more, college students can barely find time to breathe. However, some of these incredibly hard-working students still have time to manage a job as well. These jobs are excited to have young minds working with them and the students are excited to get the experience.

This set of graphs below from the U.S. Department of Commerce break down the percent of undergraduate students involved in employment over past years.

graph 1

Source: https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/pdf/coe_ssa.pdf

One college student in particular who benefits from having a job is Carson Honeycutt. Carson is a 20 year old student at The University of North Carolina and is currently in the middle of her Junior year. She aspires to go to law school and be a lawyer. In fact, that life goal is what pushed Carson to pursue the job she currently has.

Carson is a legal assistant at Matthew Charles Law Firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At the age of 19, Carson was lucky to acquire the job through a friend of hers. 


Source: www.matthewcharleslaw.com

“At the time I didn’t really know what [a legal assistant was]… I agreed to it without knowing what I was getting myself into.”

– Carson Honeycutt

As a legal assistant, Carson has to answer phone calls and work with real clients one-on-one. She has the opportunity to be hands-on with what she wants to do in the future despite not even having her undergraduate degree. This is one of the major perks of sacrificing some of her free time for this job. She also is lucky enough to get paid for her time working at the law firm by the hour. 

Carson believes that most students should have the experience of working in college. She knows that the hands-on experience is unbeatable when aiming for certain career goals. It also gives many students a good sense of time management that will help them succeed in the future. 

However, life with a job doesn’t come without its downsides. She finds times where she feels as though she is juggling her free time and constant need to work. It can be stressful to be consumed by more than just social life and school work. There are even days where Carson feels as though her job can be too much. 

Overall, Carson would not trade the experience she is getting by working this job. It is an opportunity that she will never regret and she looks forward to using what she has learned in her future career. 

Many college students have the opportunity to acquire a job in college but are discouraged by the time commitment and necessary dedication. Despite the potential load, all students should take the time to build up their skills in the workforce prior to going out into the real world after college.

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